Heat offense still needs work

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Heat offense still needs work

The Heat have been able to refine their defensive skills and as a team, they are fantastic. Offensively though, they still have a lot to work on being able to find touches for three big offensive stars. They have though made tremendous strides early this season with a pressure-style fast break offense that gets opposing defenses into foul trouble and to commit mistakes. The counter teams have thrown at them though is a 2-3 zone defense which stops the Heat cold.

They (Heat) haven’t responded well but are showing signs of improvement with better passing, dribble penetration and shooting even though they still struggle. The team looks like they have figured out on defense, how to use the abilities of each player to execute as a unit. On offense though, many times when they struggle, they break down into a lot of one-on-one isolation plays (Lebron & Wade) with other players standing around watching. The ‘whole’ in this case is better than the sum of its parts. If the Heat can find a way to use the abilities of their superstars together with their role players to execute as a unit and prevent the breakdowns, they will be almost impossible to beat come playoff time.

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