Lebron’s talent is an A+ but his judgement gets a D-

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Lebron’s talent is an A+ but his judgement gets a D-

Lebron James has been compared to so many superstars in his nine year career, mostly Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. Lebron is his own player though with his own ‘signature’ on the game. His game is fantastic and leaves fans gasping with ‘Wow’ moments, but his judgement during games is suspect. In the half court offense with the Miami Heat, when the ball gets to his hands–its stays there. Many times he holds the ball too long look to score himself and doesn’t run the offense. When he gets other players involved in scoring, its from what he initiates in a one on one or sometimes one on two or three situation. Lebron is also not a great shooter. He’s more of a ‘streak’ shooter but he can’t call on the shot ‘at will’ when he needs it at a crucial part of the game.

Tonight in the game at Detroit, the game was close and the Heat were up, taking the ball side out of bounds. The ball went to Lebron and he took a three point shot immediately. It didn’t fall and Detroit got the rebound with a chance to score. Another was when Dwayne Wade began to sit with his ankle injury and Lebron said in an interview that he needed to ‘step up’ more for the team with Wade out. He stated that he needed to return to his days in Cleveland when he dictated the offense. Lebron is having a great start to the season so there is no need to ‘step up’ his game anymore than he has been producing. Also, what is different than his days in Cleveland is that he is now surrounded by a ‘team’. So, this presents a confusion on if Lebron really wanted to be on a ‘team’ or just wanted out of Cleveland. He must show faith in his teammates and just use his abilities to play within the offense.

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