Now that the dust has settled

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Now that the dust has settled

It was only a couple of months ago when NBA Commissioner stepped in and vetoed the original deal that would’ve seen Chris Paul dealt to the Clippers from the Hornets.  The NBA, media and fans alike were up in arms with the notion that The League was controlling a team and has intervened and stopped the blockbuster deal that everyone wanted to happen except the NBA.

The League owns the New Orleans Hornets and so far this year they have showed that they are far from capable of effectively running an NBA Franchise with the team in mind.  It’s become nothing more than a financial asset that the league is treating as such.  Roster moves are not in the forefront.  They are making decisions solely based on what makes sense economically and for the team to exist in New Orleans.  That may sound good on paper, but the fact remains that in order of r a team to thrive in a community, a team must win in order to increase their longevity and success in a city.  Taking the original botched Chris Paul trade and most recently the failed signing of Eric Gordon to a contract extension best illustrates the Hornets future in a nutshell…What future?

But let’s digress for a moment and forget about the decisions the league is making for the Hornets.  The trade that never happened did in fact happen and the Los Angeles Clippers are much better for it.  The league finally agreed to the deal once it was re-worked sending Chris Paul to LA and Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, Al Fariq-Aminu and a Draft pick to New Orleans and the dust had cleared.

Fast forward to today where 30% of this shortened season is complete and we find the New Orleans Hornets playing at a putrid .190 winning percentage (4-17 win/loss record) and playing for the 1st overall pick in next years Draft and the Clippers leading the Pacific Division and 3rd overall in the West with a 12-6 record.

After last night’s statement victory over the Thunder and a cohesive 1-2 combination of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, it looks like the Clippers have surpassed the Lakers as LA’s team to watch.  The excitement that anything can happen at any time, as illustrated last night makes the Clippers this season’s darling team.  They look headed straight into the Playoffs and are showing no signs of slowing down.

The combination of Paul,Griffin, DeAndreJordan, Caron Butler and the Guard combo of Mo Williams and Chauncey have made the Clippers a dangerous group that can compete and win against seemingly anyone in the league.

It may only be 18 games into the season, but the Clippers are most definitely the real deal, and the deal that was….and than was has turned 2 teams destiny in opposite directions.  The Hornets future looks bright with a solid young core, money to spend and some good draft picks ahead of them, while the Clippers success has no limit as of this moment.

Come June we will learn just see just how good these Clippers are.  

If they’re still playing that is.  My hunch is that they’ll go deep into the Western Conference Playoffs.  Whichever way the ball bounces for the Clips, the move that was approved by the League has changed the NBA landscape for years to come!

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