Separating contenders from pretenders for the NBA title

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Separating contenders from pretenders for the NBA title

At any point in the season, a team that is contending for a title must take a ‘mental inventory’ of itself and see what they must do to become not only a winning team but a championship team. To be a championship team, a winning team must win consistently. The team must never strive to be perfect or forgo all other needs in their life to win, but to ‘galvanize’ how they play to the highest level possible. This means that every player from 1 to 15 must from the time they walk into practice give the maximum they can in terms of effort and focus. The team’s rotation (usually the first 8 players) on offense and defense must communicate with coaches, communicate with one another and practice diligently covering every minute detail in order to be prepared. On gameday, the execution must be flawless and the players’ must play with reckless abandon showing how good they practiced together along with their love for the game.

These efforts are not easy and many teams, players and coaches ‘lose their way’ during the process, never making it to the top. Again it must be stated, that to be a championship team, getting to the championship game or winning the title shouldn’t be the primary goal. Every other team wants to win the title, so there is nothing special about that as a goal. Each of their dreams are just as important, just as focused. But during the course of the regular season and playoff tournament, the ebbs and flows, pressures and successes of each day, each game will reveal something to each player–neither one the same as the next. No day will be the same, no game will be the same but how the players and team prepare can and must be the same. It is this which is the common element which binds each player together and that keeps each player moving forward together, each meeting his maximum productivity.

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