Shaq’s envy proves he isn’t Superman

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Shaq’s envy proves he isn’t Superman

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the greatest NBA centers of all time. As an NBA analyst he is a comedy act and as a person he is like everyone else–filled with faults, mixed with good traits. Shaq has managed to stay in the public eye for his envious commentary regarding current NBA player Dwight Howard. Shaq recently stated that Andrew Bynum was the best center in the league on a TNT broadcast and has commented on Howard’s misuse of the ‘Superman nickname’ which Shaq sported much of his career. Howard responded tersely saying Shaq ‘needs to get on with his life’. Shaq continues in his book to complain and comment on his time with the Miami Heat and his dislike of Heat President Pat Riley, which he has done since he was traded to Phoenix.

Shaq, on a TNT broadcast told everyone that he ‘psyched out’ Dwayne Wade in 2006 letting him (Wade) think he was the leader of the team. He said this during the pre-game of the Lakers vs. Heat when discussing how the Heat should be Lebron’s team, they asked him about his time with Wade. Shaq though has lost a great deal of his influence similar to how referees began to call his post moves an offensive foul after so many years of  high field-goal percentage makes.  As he battled weight problems in his last year in L.A. and injuries in Miami, he bounced around as a free agent and was never given a ‘Kareem-type’ farewell. It appears that Shaquille feels rejected in his retirement by the world and is demanding a proper adoration. Possibly though, what is happening to Shaq is a consequence of his behavior while he was an active player.

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