Andrea Bargnani was worth the wait!

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Andrea Bargnani was worth the wait!

In 2006, The Toronto Raptors had something they had never had before.  Armed with the 1st overall pick in the NBA Draft, the excitement and anticipation in Toronto was at an all-time high.  Never in the Franchises history has the team had the 1st pick.  They had secured the 2nd pick and landed the jackpot a couple of times in Vince Carter and Chris Bosh, but the 1st pick was oh so coveted in Toronto.

 The media, Raptors fans and the league were going to take notice to that Raptor General Manager Bryan Colangelo was going to make “the move”, as they were in position to put the team back into NBA relevance. (They were during the Vince Carter era)

So with the 1st pick, the Raps selected the European born Andrea Bargnani rather than go with the more proven choice of Forward, LaMarcus Aldridge out of Texas University.  The Raptors once again shocked the league with their selection and fans were left holding their breath to see if Bargnani would mesh well with All-Star Chris Bosh.  After all, once again Toronto had chosen to go with a talent out of Europe rather than select an American born talent that had proven himself in the NCAA ranks.

Bargnani struggled to live up to the hype of being the first overall pick in the league.  His shoes seemed just too large to fill as he played in the shadows of Chris Bosh for years.  With the selection of a player 1st overall comes the expectation that at the very least they put up consistent points on the board.  With season averages of 11.6, 10.2 and 15.4 points per game it was clear at first that Colangelo had made a mistake.  That was until the summer of 2010 when Chris Bosh decided to leave the Raptors as a Free Agent and play for the Miami Heat.  Bosh’s move opened the door for Bargnani who stepped up and increased his number carrying the load the Raptors lost when Bosh split town.

Bargnani has become a true leader in every sense of the word for The Raptors as he has increased his scoring, rebounding and more importantly his leadership to the team.  Andrea started off this year on fire setting the league a-blaze and currently sits 6th in the league in scoring and is finally proving to be an unstoppable force…while on the court.  An injury to his calf has sidelined him the past few weeks, but it is clear Andrea has arrived making Bryan Colangelo’s selection of the Italian 1st overall look worthy of the pick.

As the young Raptors build towards the future, Bargnani looks to play a pivotal role in their growth and maturity proving the raptors pick of Andrea was definitely worth the wait.

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