Does Jeremy Lin help the Knicks? What does then?

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Does Jeremy Lin help the Knicks? What does then?

Jeremy Lin is a bright spot in the NBA season. The young player from Harvard is certainly taking advantage of his opportunity to start, which all fans can appreciate. The Knicks are playing better but a deeper look into Lin’s play is necessary to see if he is the answer at point guard for the Knicks. Lin is averaging a 2 to 1 assist to turnover ratio in his last four games versus the Jazz, Lakers, Wizards and Nets. The Knicks though still only average around 17 to 18 assists as a team which doesn’t show a lot of ball movement. This has been a great problem for the Knicks specifically because of Carmelo Anthony’s need for touches and Am’are Stoudemire’s lack of touches during a game.

But a greater piece of good news is the front line of the Knicks led by Tyson Chandler who are scoring a lot in the painted area. In a six game stretch the Knicks have scored over 30 points in the paint with a high of 60 versus the Nets. They have played all these teams to a tie in total rebounds also. This can be a boon for the Knicks to reduce turnovers, control possessions and play better defense. Every area where they have performed poorly so far during games.  Lin gives a lot of stability to the point guard position either as a starter or off the bench.  The chemistry between Stoudemire and Anthony though will factor greater in wins and losses the rest of the season.

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