Is NBA All-Star Saturday Night still fun?

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Is NBA All-Star Saturday Night still fun?

As the 2012 shortened NBA Season approaches its mid-way point for the annual All-Star Game, the usual excitement that comes with the weekend seems to missing.  With the NBA having locked out its Players for well over 100 days and forcing the league to shorten the season to 66 games, this year just seems a bit off I’m sure most would agree.

The games are coming fast, and they’re coming furious. Multiple back-to-backs are resulting in players getting injured at an alarming rate.  Scoring for the most part is down throughout the league but more importantly for now, NBA All-Star Saturday Night is almost upon us.  And to perfectly honest, there just isn’t that much anticipation.

In years past, the thought of Dominique, MJ, Kobe or Vince Carter participating in the Dunk-off would make any NBA fan, causal or not salivate in excitement. 

How about a good old-fashioned shootout from the 3-point line from Larry Bird, Chris Mullin, Craig Hodges, Dan Majerle or Glen Rice.

The changes the NBA has instituted in recent years were supposed to add to the excitement and fun surrounding the All-Star Game. The new events are slow, and lack the eye-popping showmanship that the night used to hold for fans.  The Rookie-Sophomore game has even been forced to switch it up this year with Shaq and Charles Barkley acting as Coaches who will draft players from a pool of talent.  And why?  Because the game has become boring and lacks fan interest.

The Dunk-off has become stale.  Re-visited dunks and a lack of creativity and an infusion of props have made the days of Cedric Ceballos blindfolding himself a thing of very far distant memories.  It seems as though ever since Vince Carter shocked the world with his explosive high flying dunks back in 2000 the Dunk Contest just hasn’t been fun.

It’s supposed to be a celebration of talent, skills and the best players in the world all competing against each other showing NBA fans who is the best at their particular specialty.  Yet, once again Lebron James will most likely skip the Dunk-off, Blake Griffin has mentioned not wanting to be a part of it this year and the list of 3-point shooters will be players who are mostly reserves off the bench and not the guys we would expect the ball to be in their hands with seconds winding down on a shot clock at the end of a game.

As fans, we will watch.  We will enjoy and make the best of the evening.  The NBA needs to seriously sit down and think of a way they can make the weekend more fun, exciting and give its fans a reason to further fall in love with the game that has grown so much over the past decade.


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