Lebron James talks Dunk Contest

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Lebron James talks Dunk Contest

The Dunk Contest is in a dire need of an infusion of young and Star Studded talent.  Most agree that a Lebron James Dunk Contest would be the ultimate site for fans to see, but for some apparent reason Lebron has rejected an invitation year after year.  Now according to Chris Yuscavage from Complex.com, Lebron Said in an interview that he would be open to partaking in the festivities for a $1 million prize.

Let’s face it…Lebron James is one of the top faces of the NBA right now (Along with Kobe and Kevin Durant) and his marketability is an an all-time high that should be taken advantage of by the league.  He needs to be in the Dunk Contest.  And not just because it would be great for ratings and for fans to see, but for himself.  As Reggie Miller made reference to during the weekend, all the greats have participated.  not one of them has ever backed down from the challenge.

Michael Jordan has!
Kobe Bryant has!
Dr. J himself Has!

What makes Lebron so different?  Why is it that he can’t swallow his pride and participate?  Wouldn’t it be a spectacle with Lebron, Dwight Howard, Kobe and any other Star go at each other?  Whether it be for a $1 million prize antied up by a new sponsor or the league.  Either way the Dunk contest needs new energy and Lebron James is it.

It’s time to swallow his pride and stop being afraid of failure.  After all, isnt that the real reason why he refuses to participate? 

His fear of losing, just as the Miami Heat did in last years  NBA Finals!

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