Lebron’s final second deferral on All-Star Sunday

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Lebron’s final second deferral on All-Star Sunday

Lebron James passed up two shots in the final seconds of a tight game in the All-Star Game Sunday night. The entire sports world is ‘up in arms’ as to why he deferred. Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony both talked to Lebron immediately after the play and were puzzled as to why he didn’t take the shot. Well, first of all, Lebron was at the right elbow and was being guarded by Kobe Bryant. Kobe is a ferocious defender, the shot would’ve been 24′ or more and Lebron had other options since he was the passer. Upon the rebound, the ball was passed back to Lebron and he made a bullet cross court pass to Dwayne Wade which was intercepted by Blake Griffin. The West ended up winning the game. Fans may have just seen a sign of things to come in the second half of the shortened NBA season.

Point being: Lebron was practicing. He was going through a decision making process in a low-risk game sequence that he may find himself in later on this season. The Heat have three players who can take game winning shots. Lebron James is one of the best passers on the team and has an assist-to-turnover ratio of 1.9. It makes perfect sense that in a late game situation, he (Lebron) would be the one to handle the ball in a situation where the team needs to score. What this ‘practice’ during the All-Star game entailed was–

1. Him being able to ‘see the play develop’ and resist the urge to ‘be a hero’

2. By seeing the play develop, be able to adjust and find the best shot selection.

Rest assured, as he had 36 points during the game, Lebron still can score. He has proven in the first half of the season that he can dominate stretches of a game with his scoring ability. Now, to go to the ‘next level’ he must realize he has an actual team of players around him. They support him, he has chemistry (and possibly trust) with them. In a tight game for playoff seeding and in the NBA finals, these events (such as the final East play of the All-Star game) and his adjustments afterwards could become legendary.

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