Lin’s story only a detail in great NBA season

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Lin’s story only a detail in great NBA season

Its official–the sports and regular news media outlets have over-hyped Jeremy Lin. Many reporting the story as a inspiring tale of ‘beating the odds’ and because of the point guard’s religious inclinations, drawing comparisons to Tim Tebow. But in actuality, Jeremy Lin isn’t Oliver Twist. Jeremy Lin graduated from Harvard University and showed enough basketball skills to be signed as a free agent to the Knicks and previously to the Golden State Warriors. Other stories posted wonder why so many teams passed up on Lin as a free agent and in the draft. Truthfully, there were better players that talent evaluators rated above Lin. Lin is doing what every bench player is trained to do in professional basketball–be prepared to play and produce when you are called on to play. That’s all.

The NBA this season has many other stories that deserve more attention than Jeremy Lin, but none are probably as ‘sexy’ and ‘juicy’ to garner ratings and web traffic as his. The comparisons to Tim Tebow in terms of their religious fervency is merely to return to ‘Leave it to Beaver’ land and make ‘good ol’ role models’ that advertisers like Wheaties and Chex Mix could put on their products, invite them to dinner. In a larger sense, Lin could help bring the New York Knicks franchise into contention for a playoff spot. That would be welcomed by many in the NBA who want fans in TV’s largest market to watch games at friend’s houses and at local bars or sell out Madison Square Garden.

It remains to be seen. Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire have returned recently and are excited to play with the point guard. And as miraculous as sports news outlets are making his great play, they are very fickle and will shift to another story, writing him off just as quick. Fans should be aware of this and view Jeremy Lin as a small detail in what will prove to be an exciting basketball season.

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