Slam Dunk contest should be replaced but not eliminated

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Slam Dunk contest should be replaced but not eliminated

All-Star Saturday night was very entertaining–the skills competition showcased some of the best point guards and the three point competition was the highlight of the night as there were two ties which by rule led to an elimination shootout. The Haier Rising Stars challenge was entertaining as well giving female players from the WNBA a chance to showcase their best with current and past NBA players. As Mike Fratello noted on the TNT telecast, a majority of the female players have made the tough shots to help their team win in this event (Rising Stars). It is unfortunate though, that the Sprite Slam Dunk competition disappointed so much.

For the last ten years or so, there has been discussions by fans and sports media to eliminate the Slam Dunk competition from All-Star Saturday night. NBA players state that ‘every dunk has been performed’ which is mainly there reasoning for not participating. Two things are apparent though: the skills competition and three point shootout challenge the players’ abilities. The dunk contest is more of an artistic exhibition. Also, the above events have a defined goal and outcome. The dunk contest takes too long (players given 2:00 to perform a dunk) and doesn’t challenge the players at all.

An interesting idea would be to, instead of having musical acts in between the events, showcase dunks in a short burst of action. Even bring in the mascots which use trampolines to excite the crowd with back flips like during halftime shows in NBA arenas. Then in the slot vacated by the dunk contest, an old school game like H-O-R-S-E or ’21′ should be created as a new event. Fans have loved the ‘nothing but net’ McDonald’s commercial between Jordan and Bird many years back. I’m sure everyone would love to see players give their best circus shots or in a ’21′ short tourney.

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