TNT makes apologies for Lin during Heat-Knicks game

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TNT makes apologies for Lin during Heat-Knicks game

The TNT broadcast of the Heat-Knicks game on Thursday night became an apology for Jeremy Lin’s poor play. Reggie Miller and Marv Albert called the game and after the first half when Lin got off to a bad start, they began to make excuses for Lin. Albert all but insulted like the Mavericks, Lakers and Hawks (all teams with above .500 records who Lin has played well against) in stating that ‘how could Lin perform against such a good team like the Heat?’. Albert continued stating that the Heat’s game plan was completely geared to stop Lin and therefore, was the reason why he was playing so bad. Coach Spolestra after being pushed by TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager on this point, tersely responded that no specific attention was given in preparing for Lin.

In his post game press conference, he told reporters that all they (Heat coaches) did was to give Lin the full respect he deserved when preparing their overall defensive game plan for the Knicks team. Reggie Miller at one point in the second half made a personal plea to Lin fans stating ‘this is only ONE game for Jeremy Lin, I want his fans to know that’. What is confusing is that the buzz of the Jeremy Lin story was to see if he could continue his strong play or would it reach a plateau versus better NBA teams. Miller and Albert’s comments show that they wanted to keep pushing the story and make it into a ‘legend’.

Throughout the last month, Jeremy Lin’s strong play never made him the savior of the Knicks or its star player. His talents and abilities simply fit with an offense and a team that was expected to be a playoff contender and severely disappointed many fans and followers. TNT deserves to take the blame for not providing good analysis and broadcasting of the basketball game. The Knicks will push Philadelphia for the Atlantic division title. Jeremy Lin is a good player and shouldn’t be a ‘flavor the month story’ that is immediately discarded once its luster wears thin and boring. TNT did exactly that by making apologies for him.

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