Where’s the Flash?

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Where’s the Flash?

No, I am not referencing The Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade or the DC Comic Superhero from Comic Book Fame.  What I am talking about is the All-Star Saturday Night Slam Dunk Competition. 

How is it that what used to be the marquee event during the All-Star festivities has turned into a “showcase” of NBA Players who frankly not too many people are that familiar with.  And to make things worse, Iman Shumpert (A familiar name) of The Knicks had to back out due to injury and has been replaced by Jeremy Evans….who?

Last year, Blake Griffin shocked the world with his athleticism and freakish jumping ability as he, along with former teammate Baron Davis went on to dunk the ball while jumping over a Kia Optima.  The event featured players that we all know and are familiar with.  It may not have been like the days when Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Dr. J, Vince Carter or Kobe Bryant were participating but at the very least all NBA fans were familiar with the participants.

This year, the anticipation is most definitely not building as we inch closer to the start of the Saturday night festivities.  A lineup of dunkers that consists of Derrick Williams, Chase Buddinger, Paul George and now Jeremy Evans are who await our undivided attention.  But to be perfectly honest, it’s a pretty safe assumption that most fans attention will most definitely be divided.

The odds on favorite to win at this point is Chase Buddinger of the Rockets due to his well known leaping ability, but are we supposed to be excited about this?  Where’s Lebron James?  Where’s Blake Griffin?  Why can’t the NBA ensure they work with the Players Association and Player Agents to ensure they have a star studded lineup participating in their “showcase” event.  This is the Dunk Contest.  The 1 event all fans talk about and can’t wait for year in and year out, yet for some reason it has lost its lustre. 

Fans will watch, and fans will stay glued to their TV’s.  For the sake of the NBA and fans a like they had better hope these 4 competitors better put on one helluva show tonight and wow some people with incredible high flying antics.

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