Why the cold feet Lebron?

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Why the cold feet Lebron?

It was about 2 weeks ago when the NBA world was shocked by an unbelievable display of athleticism that left jaws hanging down to the ground from New England down to New Mexico.  How could it be that a man who has the ability to dunk a basketball off an alley-oop pass right over a human being not want to participate in the NBA Slam Dunk Competition?

Lebron James and the Miami Heat were playing the Chicago Bulls on January 29th and what seemed like a normal offensive set turned into one of, if not the best dunks of the past few seasons.  Lebron James managed to free himself from Richard Hamilton, swooped in from the baseline and emphatically put down the alley-oop pass from Dwayne Wade.  All while jumping over Bulls Guard John Lucas III

Statistically, Lebron is having one of the best  seasons of his career and once again he has flirted with the idea of potentially participating in the Dunk Competition this year in Orlando.  Let’s not forget that last season he publicly made it very clear that he intended on participating in last years contest and the year prior, yet backed out disappointing fans around the world.

Fast forward to present day 2012 and once again Lebron James is flirting with the concept of entertaining the world with his high flying antics.  We are talking about a man who can do no wrong (except choke in 4th qtr scoring situations in the Playoffs) as far as basketball is concerned.  Lebron is an unstoppable train that appears on a mission this season to win a Championship for Miami and prove all of his naysayers wrong.

With that in mind, why not shut the rest of the world up, lace up your sneakers and compete for the title that the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter and Dominique Wilkins have all competed in in the past.  Whether he competes or not is really irrelevant.  The Heat are playing at a level that should propel them deep into the Playoffs.  But for Lebron, this will change the impression fans have on him as a selfish self-centered player who only cares about himself as for once in his career he thinks about his fans and entertains the world.

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