‘Melo to the Bulls (a fantasy trade scenario)

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‘Melo to the Bulls (a fantasy trade scenario)

With six days until the trading deadline, all the sports news outlets are buzzing with rumors or falling over themselves to get a blockbuster story. Dwight Howard looks like he will get traded and many teams are rumored to be in the running to acquire him. The Chicago Bulls, although humming along the Eastern conference and their season with the top seed in the East, haven’t got a second scorer to complement Derrick Rose. Richard Hamilton was acquired early in the season but has been injured often. Without another scorer, the Bulls will meet a similar fate as they did in last year’s playoffs. Derrick Rose will be forced to do all the scoring and when opposing defenses ‘clamp down’ on him, there will be no one else to relieve him.

But along with rumors, fantasy can accompany the trading deadline. Carmelo Anthony is becoming an albatross for the New York Knicks. He is not developing any chemistry with Jeremy Lin in his return to the lineup and his performance has struggled. Anthony appears used to playing solo (scoring, getting scores for teammates) and may not get into rhythm with the talent-heavy Knicks. Imagine Anthony getting traded to the Bulls for someone like Luol Deng at the deadline: it would give the Knicks an above average small forward and the Bulls would get the second scorer to complement Derrick Rose.

Now, what has been presented are just broad strokes to a deal, but such imagination and daring by front office execs has been known to propel teams to NBA titles. A rift has been developed–the Knicks have found a formula to play team basketball and win. It doesn’t seem to include Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo needs to be loved and wanted–the Bulls want a second scorer who can carry the ‘scoring load’ off of their MVP Rose. There doesn’t seem to be any barriers against the thought of such a marriage.

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