Expect the Unexpected: Playoff Time

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Expect the Unexpected: Playoff Time

It’s playoff time! If the beginning of the season was Christmas, this time of year is New Year’s Eve. It’s lights, camera, action and… a rings for everyone! The team who wins it all of course. Who’s taking it all this year? Well, I’m here to give my take on this whole deal and what I want to see happen with all 16 squads in the playoffs.

Die hard Knicks fan here. I can never comprehend how if you’re from New York, you are not a New York Knicks fan, no matter what misfortune they suffered in the past years and especially this season. With that being said, I would love to see the Knicks go above and beyond, despite the bittersweet fact that they’re playing the Miami Heat. I’ve said it plenty of times before but I will reiterate: I am a loyal Knicks fan and LeBron James fan. That means someone has to lose, whichever one that may be. Subjectively speaking, the Knicks have shown me a pattern that I have coined the Knicks Circle of Life and was their kryptonite all season. Here’s how it goes: they found their golden ticket when they found Jeremy Lin and it seemed as though they were unstoppable. Then, injuries seemed to plague them. Jeremy Lin, Jared Jeffries, and Amare Stoudemire (who also was gone for a loss in his family before the injury) were hurt and the Knicks had to start all over again. Oh, and let’s not forget the resignation of D’Antoni.

So, the point is that the Knicks lose something, find their perfected lineup again, lose another, and the so-called “circle of life” keeps going and rotating. Now that nearly all of their hurt players were nursed back to health for the playoffs, here comes another problem that may scourge them. Less is more. I say that because they are very well at enduring without star players and when they have less to choose from, their tempo is on point. The big question that everyone asks is if Stoudemire and Melo can play together, which ties along with my theory. We all remember the Knicks vs. Bulls game where Melo went off and won the game with his clutch daggers. Also, I know I remember, personally, the game where Stoudemire and Lin were epitomizing the Sun’s vintage Nash and Stoudemire duo. Melo was out with a sore groin. Do you catch my drift? I believe they can thrive together but, as I stated before, less is more. So, the Knicks have to pull through in order to match up better with the Miami Heat team, defensively and offensively.
What about all the other teams you ask? Let’s start with the Eastern conference, of course. All the teams in the East are competition of course, they’re the cream of the crop almost every year in the playoffs- Heat, Celtics, etc. But, there are two teams that stand out that nobody should sleep on and those are the New York Knicks, as aforementioned, and the Indiana Pacers. They are both playing great basketball and, they may not win the series, but they will not give it up easy. Now, the Western Conference is where it gets interesting. The teams that we should all look out for are the Spurs, Grizzlies, Nuggets, and Jazz. The amazing games that these teams played were barely televised and overshadowed by all the “big shot” teams of the NBA. The Spurs KNOW the fundamentals, the Grizzlies have a squad that plays great together, the Nuggets have no superstar but still shine, and the Jazz were so underrated and they have proved why they are here. Now, for the finals. I know the first round and semi-finals will be nothing but entertaining but for the finals, I really want a Heat vs. Thunder or Lakers match up


. The Thunder team have been amazing this season, with Kevin Durant winning the scoring title this season. Want to know a fun fact ? Michael Jordan won his third scoring title when he was 25. Durant is winning his third at the age of 23 and this is the third in a row, which makes him the youngest to ever do it. Crazy right? I want the Heat to play the best of the best, which is either the Thunder or of course, the Lakers with Kobe and his five rings, and I want them to win and I’m going to need LeBron to take over when need be as he said he is determined to do this year. I’m getting excited just writing this, are you?
One thing I must mention is Steve Nash. It breaks my heart to know that he may not ever win a championship. But, I admire his loyalty and love for the game of basketball because that’s what it’s all about. Nevertheless, he needs to make some moves this summer. There’s only so much loyalty a player can have before they crack. I want him to at least get a more probable chance of winning a ring because he deserves it. When you think point guard, think Steve Nash and his flippy hair.
It’s officially the end of the regular season tonight and, even with the shortened schedule, the NBA has given us some amazing games to do nothing but entertain and I’m so glad I got to witness them. This season has been as odd as ever, from start to finish, so I’m not expecting the playoffs to be any less uncanny. I’m ready for it to begin. The NBA- where crazy happens.

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