Howard-Van Gundy battle is worst story of NBA season

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Howard-Van Gundy battle is worst story of NBA season

The season-long development of Dwight Howard holding the Orlando Magic for ‘ransom’ demanding a trade, then backing off, challenging his teammates, then praising them, demanding Coach Stan Van Gundy be fired, then denying any wrongdoing took another turn. Possibly, as reported by a local Orlando news station, Howard is willing to sit out the entire 2012 playoffs because he does not wish to play for Van Gundy any longer. Howard apparently was ‘shell-shocked’ at Van Gundy’s press conference a week or so ago when he confirmed Howard wanted him fired and has had it with Van Gundy.

Howard has been the victim of his own orchestrated acts. He is still a young player but extremely gifted. Only he has exaggerated and abused his talents as other professionals have done in basketball, football and baseball (See Barry Bonds, Terrell Owens, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James). Stan Van Gundy will probably be fired but that does not take away the final ‘parting low-blows’ he is able to send to Howard for a dismal and forgettable season. Howard will be the biggest free agent signing for any team this off-season and teams are definitely writing these events into their file on Dwight Howard. Of course, any team will believe that they can provide a better atmosphere for him to thrive.

What they will soon learn quickly is any atmosphere they prepare for Howard will run a distant second to the atmosphere he ‘wishes’. Any coach must understand that his input means nothing unless Howard gives approval. Any teammates must understand that playing with Howard means that they must defer to him no matter what based on what ‘he wants’. This will be Howard’s undoing as a professional unless he takes the unfortunate and pitiful way he has handled himself with the Magic and ‘wises up’.

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