Playoffs, here we go!

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Playoffs, here we go!

As we approach the Playoffs or what some call the unofficial “second season” gets set to begin, the story-lines heading into the post-season are nothing short of dramatic!

Between the Heat’s struggles of late, the Knicks and Bucks fighting for their Playoff lives plus the recent Lamar Odom/Mavericks saga it’s no wonder the NBA is so easy to fall in love with.

With just under 8 games to go for each team in this lockout condensed 66 game season, the action in the next couple weeks will not only be exciting but will no doubt be filled with some fairy-tale endings and painful heartbreaks.

Who will make the Playoffs and who will be left on the outside looking in. With the Bucks, Knicks and 76ers all fighting for the final 2 spots in the East and the defending Champion Mavs trying to stay alive in the West it’s shaping up once again to be an incredible end to yet another phenomenal season.

New Stars were born (Rubio, Irving) and some older one’s are proving to still have some gas left in their tanks (Duncan, Garnett). We have seen the rise of some franchises (Pacers, Clippers) and the decline of others (Blazers). And as we get ready to close out another year of NBA basketball one must sit back and ask themselves a very important question of how this game can get any better!

A few additional points to ponder as we wait for the start of the post-season:

- Does Gilbert Arenas have staying power in Memphis?
- Can San Antonio go for 1 more deep push in the Playoffs?
- Has OKC grown enough to take the next step in the Playoffs?
- Is Ramon Sessions the key to the Lakers drive to the Finals?
- Are the Heat able to step their game up come Playoff time?
- Can Carmelo do it alone?
- Is Boston too old?
- Will Dwight Howard return in time for the Playoffs?
- Is CP3 enough to take the Clipps past the hype?
- Who will go number 1 in the upcoming Draft?
- How bad is Charlotte?
- Can the Hawks overcome year after year of Playoff failure?
- With a banged up D-Rose, can the Bulls make it past the Heat?

So many questions and so little answers at this point makes for a great post-season and an even more exciting off-season!

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