Reggie Miller’s bad analysis in Heat/Mavs game

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Reggie Miller’s bad analysis in Heat/Mavs game

I think its time to return to when color analysts spoke less. Similar to Bob Uecker’s character Harry Doyle, in Major League with his color analyst ‘Marty’ when Doyle flips a switch cutting Marty’s analysis in mid-sentence so he wouldn’t upstage Doyle. Reggie Miller’s performance as an analyst in tonight’s Heat vs. Mavericks game on TNT should contribute well to returning analysts back to the kill switch used in the movie. Miller seemed to be in an all-out ‘run your mouth’ marathon. He couldn’t stop talking giving hindsight opinion on everything and calling it ‘analysis’. The worst was when he called Jason Kidd, the best ‘gettin your feet together’ shooter in the NBA. What?

The sport world also has had enough of ‘the best’ arguments and ‘first in NFL/NBA history’ statistics. Its more statistics out of ‘That’s Incredible’ or ‘Ripley’s Believe it Or Not’ than actual usable statistics. Never have NBA players been held to the highest standards by what they’ve done in a four or five game stretch. To show trends yes, but to take that and solidify it with the greatest in league history is far fetched and foolish. Miller has been one of the more polished game analysts on TNT, but not by much. TNT’s analysts appear to want to add to storylines and contribute to internet hype and gossip than add clear views of in-game activity. Many times analysts appear to be ‘winging’ their analysis as if they had arrived to the arena half an hour before tip-off.

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