Shaq the analyst vs. Stan Van Gundy Part 2

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Shaq the analyst vs. Stan Van Gundy Part 2

Shaquille O’Neal should remove the ‘analyst’ title from his name on the TNT studio broadcasts. Responding to Stan Van gundy’s comments that Dwight Howard is trying to get him fired, Shaq called the move ‘bush league’ ripping the coach for airing the team’s dirty laundry in public. Shaq himself though has shared his personal feelings about the Magic coaching situation and also wants Van Gundy fired. In a Mar 13 tweet he wrote–’Magic culture must change for Dwite to stay It’s time for a change get him a guy like Brian shaw a guy that can push him he made me a winna’ So fans should hear Shaq’s comments but also consider the source and weigh the two without doubt. Shaq won’t say anything labeled ‘analysis’ without it benefiting himself in some form.

It is different from Charles Barkley who was several years removed from retirement in the NBA and joined the TNT broadcast giving candid and ‘from the hip’ remarks on players, games and NBA news which entertained everyone. Barkley now has achieved a ‘beloved’ status among basketball fans after being estranged for so long and in the second tier of NBA stars below ‘Michael-Larry-Magic’. Shaq should be given a segment on the TNT broadcast as many NFL stars are given short segments on ESPN’s famous ‘Sunday NFL Countdown’ instead of being an analyst. As per an earlier blog, Shaquille must feel he didn’t get such a beloved farewell from NBA fans (a la Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s farewell tour). Now he’s trying to collect by any means necessary.

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