Studio and in-game coverage of NBA games–A review

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Studio and in-game coverage of NBA games–A review

Many fans watch ESPN and TNT for the basketball games during the season and usually will ‘tune in’ to the studio anchor and analysts that discuss the night’s game. Also, fans enjoy listening to the in-game play-by-play announcer and color commentator which is like a talking scoreboard, while the color analysts adds other observations on the game. For ESPN and TNT, their studio and in-game color analysts use basketball as a backdrop to form an entertainment show. Players such as Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Jon Barry, Chris Broosard, Skip Bayless, Jeff Van Gundy, and recently retired players use the ‘analyst’ title to be entertaining. To keep fans watching the pre-game, maybe a few commercials, buy a few products tomorrow at the supermarket.

The pre-game show and the game is for ratings, ratings and more ratings. So much so, a fan could be asked about the game and probably will bring up some controversial comment one of the analysts made during the game. But truly, analysts and coverage of professional sports was meant to give a savvy fan more information on the team and the game. Not opinion, no commentary just solid information on the teams and the games. Then later the results of the game, the players and coach’s comments. See professional sports doesn’t need entertainment by retired players or goofy anchors to enjoy it. The game itself is the source of enjoyment.

As a fan, the entertainment is hokey and boring. Kenny Smith as the emcee of the dunk contest was terrible. Shaq’s constant harping on Dwight Howard taking his Superman title and grudge on Stan Van Gundy, Pat Riley and the rest of the world is boring. Reggie Miller isn’t a ‘know it all’ and most of the time their ‘witty banter’ turns into ‘inside jokes’ where no one understands them.

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