Wade and Lebron ‘love’ Boston

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Wade and Lebron ‘love’ Boston

In highlights of the greatest moments in Larry Bird’s career, after the third game of the 1984 finals where the Celtics were severely beaten by the Lakers, Bird is seen walking down the arena hall way frustrated. He picked up something and threw it aside, disgusted with it. Then, he voiced his concerns by saying other players weren’t playing well and the Celtics as a team played like ‘sissies’. Tonight in the Boston vs. Miami contest, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James nonchalantly gave indifferent comments after the loss in article posted by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Almost as if they had their mind on other things during the contest.

“They shot the ball very well.” Wade said. “When they shoot like that, its going to be tough to beat them.” James added that the loss was easier to stomach than their loss 92-71 in Boston. “We left Boston feeling awful,” he said. “We’re not feeling that pain tonight. You’ve got to tip your hat.” It is apparent that neither of them were focused on either playing defense or winning an important game versus another Eastern Conference championship contender. Many players nowadays don’t feel they need to get angry or enraged after a loss. Any fan can attest to players high-fiving one another, smiling and joking after games.

The differences between Bird and today’s players notwithstanding, at some point, their competitive fire and awareness of the moment must combine. Wade and James seem to have misplaced one of the two. Any of them will say they have competitive fire, but when it comes to following offensive and defensive schemes and exploiting the schemes of the opponent, both fail miserably. The Heat are 5-5 in their last 10 games and have lost two out of three games at home. The coaching staff appears to be pressing and the players seem to be waiting, sleepwalking almost till they get to the playoffs. How rude an awakening it will be if they are complacent on last year’s performance to happen again.

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