World Peace/Artest shows road to salvation isn’t easy

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World Peace/Artest shows road to salvation isn’t easy

It was an intentional elbow, make no mistake. There was absolutely NO WAY that Ron Artest/Metta World Peace couldn’t have felt James Harden’s presence. Harden was brushing into Artest slowly after Artest’s bucket and resulting foul during the Lakers-Thunder game on Sunday. There is though no mistake also, that Artest may have thrown the elbow in a fit of rage and enthusiasm from the resulting bucket and foul. Artest has always been a thug, but also a gifted defensive basketball player. He also in his stops at Indiana/Houston/Los Angeles has been the team’s ‘enforcer’. Fans can remember Artest arguing fiercely with Pat Riley as a player with Indiana during a game with the Miami Heat. No doubt, fans remember the brawl at the ‘Palace at Auburn Hills’ with Piston fans in 2004 which got him suspended for 75 games the following season.

In recent years, Artest was seen to have mellowed. He won the NBA citizenship award and changed his name this season to ‘Metta World Peace’. The name ‘Metta’ means ‘loving kindness and friendliness’ in the Buddhist language. Now whatever good he may have done previous is overshadowed by the elbow on James Harden. Harden, as reported by many sports news outlets has a concussion. He will sit the final regular season games but is expected to play in the upcoming playoff tournament for the NBA Championship with Oklahoma City. Obviously, Artest has not completely achieved spiritual enlightenment. His tweets after the game apologizing to the Thunder fans and the team show remorse. The next resulting weeks also with increased media attention will be difficult for him. But if he truly is dedicated to his name change, he will shoulder the consequences and respond well.

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