Charles Barkley’s ‘love for Lebron’, ‘diluting’ Wade’s ’06 MVP in Rome interview

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Charles Barkley’s ‘love for Lebron’, ‘diluting’ Wade’s ’06 MVP in Rome interview

Charles Barkley made an appearance on Jim Rome’s CBS Network show the other day, or was it really him? If anyone listened to the interview which can be seen on, Barkley repeated several phrases multiple times during the interview. Something suspicious suggests that possibly aliens have abducted Barkley himself and have placed an incapable ‘beta-unit’ in his place which isn’t comfortable with human syntax. Barkley during the interview stated multiple times ‘The Miami Heat will only go as far as Lebron James, take them’. It was as if Barkley had enough with the Heat or the Heat’s hype and if he repeated it enough times, everyone would believe him.

Another phrase repeated afterwards (about James) was ’cause he makes everyone around him better’, ’cause he make everyone around him better’. Rome, the self-proclaimed ‘tell it like it is’ sports talk host does as usual with athletes and support their ‘soap box’ rant. Barkley used a silly example when asked about the last play of Game 4, stating that he wouldn’t make Lebron stand in the corner like he’s in ‘a timeout’. He mentioned that many people hate Lebron James because of his ‘The Decision’ broadcast in early 2010. Also, the unit mentioned that Lebron constantly finished games when he was in Cleveland and took them to the finals (Cavs were swept 4-0). He then discredited Dwayne Wade’s NBA finals MVP performance because it was of Shaquille and Alonzo Mourning destroying the Dallas front line and little to do with Wade.

Barkley in his new found popularity as a TV analyst is now beginning to believe he can influence people’s thinking and discourage others as to who can and can’t win an NBA title. Barkley’s mention of ‘The Decision’ and no mention of Lebron’s current MVP campaign showed Barkley was in a casual conversation with Rome as a former player, not as a basketball analyst. He makes great mention of having to be honest during his analysis’ and like this interview it was purely for his own gains and not to enlighten anyone.

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