Conference Finals showing frenetic pace

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Conference Finals showing frenetic pace

Both conference final series have one team up 2-0 and neither lead looks safe. Oklahoma City on Tuesday, after being over matched by San Antonio in the first half, fought back only to see San Antonio keep making score after score to win. Boston pushed Miami tonight to overtime with a ‘monster’ game from Rajon Rondo, but the Heat made clutch baskets to pull out a close victory. Both series leaders head to a Game 3 on their opponents’ home floor where the games will probably maintain the frenetic activity of these first two games. Oklahoma City is one of the best home teams in the league and Boston has the majestic feel of being one of the winningest teams in NBA history. Their fans will be raucous and ready for Lebron, Wade & company.

The Heat played well enough to lose tonight but as it is with winning teams–they find ‘a way’ to win games where they don’t play their best. The Heat were conceding the jumper to Rajon Rondo and that game plan ended up backfiring. Rondo was able to get his offensive game going and then get teammates like Ray Allen and Paul Pierce involved as well. Oklahoma City has to stop Tony Parker’s penetration dribble and probing. The Thunder began to play the Spurs more physical in the second half of Game 2, which made the Spurs stop their successful pick and roll game. The Thunder though, have been trying too much to ‘barrel down’ the center of the lane where Spurs defenders are too good to allow an easy layup.

Look for both teams (Celtics & Thunder) to have monster Game 3′s and take a game or two at their arenas.

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