End of the Lakers?

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End of the Lakers?

With their 4-1 series loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder last night, the Lakers run of NBA supremacy appears to have reached its climax.

With Kobe Bryant being the lone Laker who looked interested in playing basketball in this series vs the Thunder, Los Angeles must now do something that they knew they would eventually have to do.  That would be looking at their roster from an in depth point of view as opposed to making minor changes that can help sustain a higher level performing team which apparently doesn’t work so well.

In the past couple of season Jerry Buss has transformed the Lakers into a team that had Kobe, Pau Gasol and an oft-injured Andrew Bynum and a bunch of fil-in players who may or may not have complimented their big 3.  The list of players who have come and gone is phenomenal if you think about it, yet lacked much skill.  From Troy Murphy to more recently Ramon Sessions, the Lakers roster has been a mish mash of talent that never really gelled this year, and now more than ever has been exposed to be weak at best.

A 1st round victory over the Nuggets proved that Kobe Bryant alone can swing a series victory, but when push finally came to shove, the Lakers lacked the fire power needed to take it to the next level.

So with the Lakers off-season officially upon them a few questions need to be asked before this June’s NBA Draft:

1) Is Andrew Bynum a permanent fixture on the Lakers, or does he make for great trade bait leading into this very deep NBA Draft?
2) Is Pau Gasol on his way out?
3) Is Metta World Peace more of a distraction than an attraction?
4) Is Ramon Sessions and Steve Blake enough at Point Guards?
5) How much longer will Kobe Bryant want to stay in L.A?
6) Is Mike Brown the coach they wish to move forward with?
7) What to do with a possible return to L.A for Lamar Odom?
8) How and who do they drop in order to clear cap space?

These are just a few of the many questions the Lakers will need addressed if they wish to remain competitive in the Western Conference for years to come. 

Eventually the Lakers will need to rebuild this team.  Maybe now is the time to blow the roster up, trade their 2 Big men and rebuild around a reasonably healthy Kobe Bryant.  Whichever route they take, it is going to be an intriguing off-season for the Lake-Show.

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