Kerr’s awful analysis of Heat-Pacers game

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Kerr’s awful analysis of Heat-Pacers game

In the world of basketball sports analysis, TNT has ‘watered-down’ the ability of their analysts to give their input on the game. They’ve instead allowed each analysts (Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Steve Kerr, Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Webber, Jeff Van Gundy) to ‘wing it’ or act if they are talking in a casual conversation rather than offering insight. This approach has worked over the last ten or so years for sports networks like ESPN and TNT with former athletes and coaches who become analysts. It has increased their popularity and allowed many coaches to ‘audition’ for jobs again in their leagues. Most often, the analysis becomes boring and obnoxious. Steve Kerr tonight in the Heat-Pacers game at Miami gave one of the worst analysis’ of the season for a TNT in-game or studio analyst.

Kerr in the first half couldn’t stop talking about Miami’s defense and gave a one-sided view on everything Miami was doing defensively, failing to balance that with Miami’s poor shooting (only mentioning it as an afterthought). Then, when Indiana began to play better in the third quarter, Kerr clumsily began to shift his basic analysis towards the Pacers even disputing referee calls against the Pacers and offering game strategies for the Pacers. Kerr began to infer that Lebron James was tiring in the third quarter because he had played so much in Game 1. But James went on to play the rest of the game and be very effective in the fourth quarter. As a whole, Kerr doesn’t offer anything more but a ‘sounding board’ for the play-by-play caller.

TNT and ESPN really should offer fans better color analysts and stop trying to get entertaining goofy or bland former athletes. The play-by-play callers during the game can offer better insight into the nuances of the game and shouldn’t have to ‘set the table’ for color analysts with dialogue or talking points. ‘Old school’ basketball games had less technology (camera positions and quantity) and money ┬ábut gave fans an exponentially better experience.

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