Lakers vs Clippers Western Final? Dream or Reality?

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Lakers vs Clippers Western Final? Dream or Reality?

Could it be posisble?

As we enter the second round of the NBA Playoffs, we find something we haven’t seen for who knows how long.  The Lakers and the Clippers, both from Los Angeles are still alive in the hunt for the NBA Championship.  Each team has taken a totally different path, yet both find themselves in the same position…in the 2nd round of the Playoff (and the Staples Center).

The Lakers found themselves without their usual Head Coach to start the year as Phil Jackson chose to hang up his clipboard and Mike Brown was introduced as their new leader.  Between the battle of ego’s between Brown and Kobe, Andrew Bynum’s immaturity, the constant Pau Gasol trade rumors and Metta World Peace’s crazy behaviour it’s hard to imagine that the Lakers have made it as far as they have.

Over in LA the Clippers have finally matured into a contender in the West. With the addition of team leader Chris Paul via trade with the hornets in the off-season and Blake Griffins further development into one of the NBA’s elite Power Forward’s, the Clippers are poised for a solid future in the league.

The 2 LA teams have uniquely different identities.  The Lakers are older and wise veterans while the Clippers are young risk takers who fly through the air like an acrobat act.  The Lakers use their years of experience to close out games and put away their opponents while the Clips use their youth and athleticism to defeat their foes.

Who would sit where if this series were to materialize? Would Jack Nicholson sit on Billy Crystals lap?  Will Charlie Sheen share a beer with Justin Timberlake?  Who know’s for sure.  What can be guaranteed is a quite the media specticle as Hollywood’s elite will close in on the Staples Center to watch a potential Western Conference Finals match up between the Lakers and Clippers.

This being said, I’m pretty sure the Thunder and Spurs will have a lot to say before this dream match takes place!

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