The Failure of Michael Jordan

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The Failure of Michael Jordan

Arguably the greatest player in NBA history is arguably the worst front office executive in NBA history. 

The above statement is one that some may disagree with, but I’m sure most would agree.  How is it that the one man who could always be trusted with the shot and game clock winding down to make a buzzer-beater just can’t seem to catch a break as a team exec? 

Michael Jordan is and always will be known as a prolific scorer, a high-flying acrobat with the ball, a defensive guru and the greatest player to ever live. Yet the Majority Owner of the Charlotte Bobcats has done everything wrong since taking over Basketball Operations in 2006.  The Bobcats can’t seem to catch a break and continue to be cellar dwellers in the NBA.

This past shortened season, the Bobcats finished the year with the lowest winning percentage in NBA history and look to continue their trend of bad basketball as they once again lost out on a great opportunity to turn the corner last night at the NBA Draft Lottery.  The Bobcats headed into the lottery with the best shot at winning the 1st overall pick in this years draft, thus giving them the rights to draft Anthony Davis.  Instead, the Bobcats got the 2nd pick and once again Michael Jordan was left scratching his head.

The team looks destined for inferiority for a long time if you take a look at their roster.  There does not appear to be a bright side to their team aside from D.J Augustine, who himself has a limited skill set.  When your team relies on the likes of Gerald Henderson, Bismack Biyombo, Corey Maggette and Byron Mullens to shoulder the scoring load times will not get better before they get worse.

And unfortunately for “Air”Jordanhe will be the one who takes 100% of the blame for the Bobcats failures.  Unless MJ can somehow pull off a miracle and turn this team around this season it is a pretty safe bet that not only will he leave the Bobcats to explore other options but there is a chance the Bobcats will be forced to leave the Charlotte area due to lack of support/interest.

The failures of the team should not be placed solely on Jordan himself and hopefully somewhere deep inside he still has one more buzzer beater left in him!

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