Both series are tied, best is yet to come

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Both series are tied, best is yet to come

The Conference Finals are showing the best that the NBA has to offer in competition and player talent. Both Boston and Oklahoma City used their two home games to tie up each series after losing the first two games on the road. Each team’s home crowd was inspired and cheered throughout the game at every play and booed at every mistake that went against their team. Oklahoma City blitzed the Spurs winning Game 3 by 20 points and then holding off a Spurs rally in the 4th quarter of Game 4 to pull away. Boston also jumped Miami in Game 3 winning big, but had to go to overtime to beat Miami in Game 4 winning close. Rajon Rondo appears to have Miami’s ‘number’ posting double digit assists in each game. Miami has been shooting terrible at the foul line which has hurt, but they also can’t seem to figure out Boston’s defensive game plan of double-teaming Dwayne Wade and ‘packing the paint’ not allowing James or Wade to get easy layups as they did in Games 1 & 2.

The excitement for any NBA fan in these last three games of each series is yet to come. Obviously, the first team to lose on their home court will be eliminated but each game has provided highs and lows during the game which puts the outcome in doubt. Every game has been competitive and hard-fought. Each coach has had to make adjustments and key subsitutions during the first four games. Also, the referees have not been silent or escaped the harsh attention with the heightened tension. Each side in the Boston-Miami series has commented on the referees. Boston during Games 1 & 2, then Miami in 3 & 4. Rajon Rondo in a halftime interview even said the Heat were complaining to the referees too much.

Can the Spurs contain Kevin Durant and find a way to get Tony Parker free to distribute the ball on offense. The move by Oklahoma City to defend him with Thabo Sefalosha was key to each victory for the Thunder. The Thunder are playing with a physical demeanor and that is affecting the Spurs ability to run a quick scoring offense. Boston is providing ‘kryptonite’ for Miami’s dynamic duo of Lebron James & Dwayne Wade. Their defensive schemes have kept the Heat ‘one step behind’ and have the coaching staff scrambling for answers. For fans, each game will be a cliffhanger.

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