No one should feel sorry for Seattle

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No one should feel sorry for Seattle

The sports news media is wrong in being sorry for Seattle basketball fans due to the Oklahoma City advancing to the NBA Finals. They should focus on how a struggling franchise in Seattle has been reinvigorated by a great fan base in a small market city like Oklahoma City. The NBA had a chance to see it when the Hornets had to play games in Oklahoma City after Hurricane Katrina when their were great turnouts at every game. Seattle fans weren’t attending Sonics games and hadn’t been for a good while. The Seattle fans probably will admit this although the sports media will never interview a single fan that none were sad to see the Sonics leave town. If there are Seattle fans jealous of the Thunder’s success, they only have themselves to blame. The Sonics left Seattle and there was little press on the matter, so for the sports news media to play up this ‘story line’ is equal to a husband starting an argument with his wife because ‘there’s nothing left to talk about’.

Oklahoma City deserves to have the entire sports media ‘red carpet’ laid out for the Thunder and their city during the NBA finals. There should be numerous commercials from the Convention & Visitors Bureau telling people how great it is to visit Oklahoma. ABC, who is broadcasting the Finals, should take numerous camera shots of the urban landscape of Oklahoma City and great shots of the rural landscape. The Mayor of Oklahoma City should make a bet with the Mayor of Miami to trade BBQ ribs for Paella (yellow rice dish w/seafood) based on who wins the NBA title and it should be reported on every news channel. The NBA should be proud of Oklahoma City and Commissioner David Stern should attend every game and talk about the success of bringing a small market team to the NBA. He should give interviews and sports media channels should research how the NBA made pro basketball work in Oklahoma City.

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