OKC Thunder should ‘keep their heads high’

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OKC Thunder should ‘keep their heads high’

The Oklahoma City Thunder team should turn off their television sets for the next few weeks. The players and coaching staff should take vacations and sulk with their families, friends and other loved ones. For right now, every analyst and sports news outlet will surgically¬†over analyze¬†and ‘tear apart’ the things they did wrong in losing to the Miami Heat in five games. The Thunder, as do the Heat, don’t deserve the exaggerated scrutiny because both teams played great basketball during the abbreviated season. The Thunder rose from Conference Final participants a year ago to Western Conference Champions and did so in an ultra-competitive conference where the eighth seeded playoff team most times will need 45 wins to qualify.

The Thunder dispatched the defending Champion Mavericks in four games, then defeated the Lakers in five and the Spurs in six games. The Spurs had won 20 straight games before they met the Thunder and were the No. 1 seed in the Conference–not easy tasks. And in the five games against the Heat, three of those five games were decided by razor thin margins. Game’s 3 & 4 were both six point victories for the Heat (104-98, 91-85). What weaknesses the Thunder displayed in the Finals will be corrected by a very professional front office, supplemented by a great coaching staff led by Scott Brooks. The Thunder will be a competitive team again next year and the Western conference teams should all use the Thunder team as a benchmark.

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