Increased news coverage spoils Olympic results

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Increased news coverage spoils Olympic results

Basketball fans have to stop surfing the Internet and watching sports news on the US Basketball team till the Olympic tournament finishes. ESPN, CBSsports, Google, Yahoo and other media outlets report the results of the Olympic events as they happen in advance of US television telecasts. It is futile to understand for what reason since it will ruin the anticipation of “primetime” telecasts when viewers get bombarded with results beforehand. ESPN posts the results on its TV ticker constantly similar to baseball and football scores. It lends credence to the argument of websites replacing print media where certain results should be held for a certain amount of time till to allow fans to view the event for themselves before oodles of reporters report it and give meaningless and “skewed” viewpoints, opinions and so on.

The Internet and the 24 hour cycle of TV news has no professional standards of ethics or regulations on this matter. It is a “wild west” show where every reporter, every news media agency engages in a free-for-all competition for ratings, website traffic and hits. The first one to break the story wins, no matter if the story is correct or not. Mostly to maintain web traffic or continous viewing, news media doesn’t have to worry about reporting the story correctly. It just has to keep the viewer glued to the TV, and viewers mostly comply with this wish. Sports news media especially have rested on the laurels of the popularity gained with fans from the last 30 years of coverage and it has not made any advances.

Fans now should burn-out their DVR’s recording all the Olympic coverage (shown on all NBC-Universal channels) and go read, volunteer, cure diseases or engage in other recreational activities, then watch the programs later on at night. So would be a welcome response to greater news coverage in today’s technology driven, digital world of continous coverage.

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