Biggest Winner of the NBA Off-season…

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Biggest Winner of the NBA Off-season…

For an off-season that was supposed to be boring and drab, it sure turned out wild and crazy.  With the exception of Deron Williams and Steve Nash, it is safe to say that there weren’t many qualuty players available via Free Agency.

But thanks to the wonders of the new CBA, we saw some major players switch teams.  Steve Nash is a Laker, Deron Williams stayed in New Jersey…er Brooklyn, Joe Johnson is a member of the Nets, Ray Allen is in Miami and Dwight Howard is exactly where he was when the season ended…sulking on the sidelines.

But was there a true winner during this off-season?  Did the Nets make themselves a title contender coming out of the East.  did Miami all but guarantee themselves a trip back to the finals with the additions of Allen and Rashard Lewis?  Are the Lakers the favorites out of the West?  Can anyone keep up with the young high flying Thunder?  Is Boston primed for yet another run at the Title?  These are all great questions, and to be fair to each respective club we will need to be patient and wait it out to see exactly which roster transaction will pay the highest dividend come April of 2013.

What’s for certain is that NBA Players Union can  be found smirking its way through the summer.  Throughout the entire NBA lockout last year, The Players Union refused to agree to the Leagues offers time after time, thus leading to the lockout.  they were painted to be a villain in the whole negotiation process with the League.  Now, close to 1 year later the Players are the ones with the last laugh.

Concessions were made by the League towards the Players Union and now that the majority of the off-seasons dust has settled it’s pretty plain to see that nothing has changed.  We still do not have the parity that the NBA hoped they would have.  The NFL is a perfect model where pretty much any team has the opportunity to win at any time.  In the NBA, following this past off-season’s lockout has not changed 1 bit.  We still find teams making ridiculous offers to players for ridiculous amounts of money.

When will the league learn its lesson?  When will teams stop playing players incredible amounts of money to play on their teams?  How is it that Ray Allen will take a pay-cut to try and win another title with the Heat and Joe Johnson’s “un-movable” contract gets dealt to Brooklyn?  I’ll tell you how…through the ridiculousness that is the NBA. 

This off-season has proven that last seasons lockout was a sham and a farce and did nothing but prove that in the end Players will ALWAYS rule the league and dictate who goes where and how much they will make.

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