Heat primer of “Superteam” from 2010 can help 2012 Lakers

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Heat primer of “Superteam” from 2010 can help 2012 Lakers

The Lakers have compiled the new “Superteam” for the upcoming NBA season. All eyes of fans and news media will be focused on Los Angeles again this season and the Lakers prospects of advancing to the NBA Finals improved equal to the Oklahoma City Thunder repeating as Western Conference Champs. The “Superteam” concept though isn’t 100 percent solid and the Lakers will have to grow as a team in order to advance in the playoffs and compete in the Western Conference where a 45 win team may not make the playoffs. Kobe Bryant will be the Lakers No. 1 option on offense and Steve Nash will be depended upon to provide 10 assists per game. But questions begin to develop as to who are the No’s 2 & 3 options for the Lakers. The Miami Heat “superteam” in 2010 had the same issues heading into that first season.

Finally, after one full season, the Heat centered on Lebron being the No. 1 option, Dwayne Wade being the No. 2 option and Chris Bosh as the No. 3. But not without the most intense scrutiny that any team has undergone from fans and the sports media. The Heat faced many pitfalls (Cry-gate, 9-8 start to the season, swept by the Bulls and Celtics during the regular season, Lebron’s entourage being shutout of Cleveland players’ parking garage) but found ways to stay together.┬áThe “Superteam” will need top performances from their bench to be able to last through a grueling 82 game season and then the “second season” of the playoffs. Chris Duhon was acquired in the Dwight Howard trade and Antawn Jamison was signed as a free agent. Philly shooting guard Jodie Meeks was also signed as a free agent.

The question for Laker fans is if Mike Brown and his coaching staff are capable of guiding the Laker “Superteam” through the same pitfalls. The staff will have their work cut out for them but the “primer” laid down by the Miami Heat will certain provide a road map.

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