Terry exercises Namath saying Celtics will win NBA title

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Terry exercises Namath saying Celtics will win NBA title

The only “guarantee” that has ever worked in pro sports history (and it wasn’t a deliberate one) is when Joe Namath told sports writers at a dinner before Super Bowl III that the Jets were going to beat the Colts. Namath, in his HBO bio-documentary says that he didn’t say it deliberately (as many athletes do today). He states he was so tired of hearing how bad the Colts were going beat the Jets that he snapped and defended his team saying they would win the game. Now, Jason Terry, new back up point guard for the Celtics joins the “guarantee” club, saying the Celtics will win this season’s NBA title. Terry is only saying this because he believes as the experienced point guard and former Champion, he needs to “light a fire” under his new team with his presence and personality.

Many athletes say the “guarantee” in front of writers during locker room or practice interviews and the comparisons to the Namath guarantee before Super Bowl III are made. But these guarantees are made planned deliberately for different motivations because of the “Namath effect”–other players will hear this guarantee and feel empowered at the confident claim. Then, on game day they will play inspired and go out to prove the claim was correct out of shame for being wrong. In Terry’s case, he should concentrate less on sending messages through the press and more on getting to know his new teammates, the spots on the court they like to shoot from and the Celtic playbook. It is the speed at which he acclimates himself to executing the offense which will gain confidence and wins.

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