Wade will shine in 2012-13 NBA season

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Wade will shine in 2012-13 NBA season

Dwayne Wade will be the League MVP, Finals MVP or win the league scoring title this upcoming NBA season. Reason being is because of his friendship with Lebron James, the tremendous chemistry the two have developed as teammates and because Lebron won his first championship. “Loyalty” is a huge deal to current players and Lebron will understand that now he won his title, its time to give back to his friends who helped in getting him there. So, Bosh and Wade but primarily Wade will be the ones to benefit as Lebron will politely take the backseat as the No. 2 or 3 option in games and dish out assists to Wade, Bosh and the rest of the Heat players. Wade played through injuries this past season struggling mightily at times during the playoffs, not showing the “launching pad” explosion to the hoop from his knee injury. He had tough games, such as Game 3 in the Eastern Conference semifinal where he scored five points and also went scoreless in the 1st half of several games.

Wade didn’t compete in the Olympics to have surgery on his injured knee and recuperate to be ready for the start of training camp. Injuries and “having something to prove” will provide Wade with plenty of motivation where in past years, his child custody fight versus his 1st wife and endorsements displayed to many fans and sports media outlets that he had declining skills and abilities.   In interviews during the NBA finals and afterwards, Wade admitted that he had settled to be the No. 2 option to Lebron because of the need to get Lebron a title. The whole season was dedicated to that purpose. Every NBA team will be focused on stopping Lebron and the wonderful luxury of having a “Superteam” is that the other two stars can carry the team to wins and success. Having a full offseason will have Wade recharged and ready to show he is still an elite player.

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