Ron/Metta says Lakers go 73-9

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Ron/Metta says Lakers go 73-9

Ron-Artest-has done it again. Artest in an interview claims that the Lakers will try to break the Chicago Bulls single season wins record by going 73-9 this upcoming season. Artest, doing what current athletes try and don’t succeed with, is trying to make a bold statement that will empower his team and give them confidence to go and achieve the benchmark set by the statement. Most times, the athlete antagonizes his teammates (Vince Young-”Dream Team” statement) and the team implodes and suffers in winning games. Even Lebron James’ statement at a Heat pep rally in 2010 when he arrived about the number of championships the Heat would win didn’t come to pass. The Heat had to undergo intense media and analyst scrutiny during the 2010 season escaping pitfalls that could have doomed the team. Lebron, Wade, Bosh and the rest of the team needed to achieve team chemistry on and off the court in spite of bold statements.

But as it stands now, the Lakers Superteam has to deal with Artest’s comment and additional chemistry issues this upcoming season. Artest seems to play better when he says what is on his mind, but can the coaching staff expect anything more when they need him to lead bench players on the second unit? Can he be expected to provide scoring all season long and play under control giving Kobe, Dwight and Steve support? What will happen if the Lakers go on a five game losing streak? Will Artest change his name again and again based on how he feels in the morning? What will happen when the new Laker players get into arguments and disagreements? Will Artest elbow another player or insult a coach? The Lakers are gambling with all these factors heading into the new season. All the while, teams like San Antonio, Oklahoma City and the Clippers (who have gone through their media scrutiny) can simply head to camp calmly and prepare for the new season.

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