Suggestions for FIBA’s 3 on 3 game

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Suggestions for FIBA’s 3 on 3 game

Considering the ongoing effort by FIBA to bring 3 on 3 basketball to the Olympic games, a comparison and contrast to the transition of gym volleyball to beach volleyball shows that the games are different. Beach Volleyball is a different style of volleyball and has different rules then the indoor game. The court size is different, the ball is different, the scoring and the amount of players. So, between the two sports the 3 on 3 game is not very different from the indoor game and won’t take on a popular following. Here are some ideas to make the 3 on 3 basketball game different from the indoor version:

1. Have a three point (four point) shot–the FIBA scoring system for the 3 on 3 game is 1 point for shots inside the arc and 2 points for shots outside. Most players competing will be very athletic and will easily make daring scoring or defensive plays. For non-athletic players, the shooting should be emphasized and provide a second arc farther out than the required arc.

2. Allow more contact for opposing defenders–an area where many professional athletes and fans alike raise concerns on today’s basketball is the penalties on hand checking and contact by defenders on players driving the lane. The 3 on 3 game should allow more hand checking and player contact in order to give larger players a chance to control fast, athletic players who can score easily.

3. NO DUNKING–Yes, this would be the most controversial suggestion but to basketball purists and traditionalists, to make a new type of basketball competition that focuses the teams on more fundamental skills such as passing, rebounding and defending rather than constant alley-oop passes and highlight attempts by players to dunk in a competitive game, it would be a welcome site. Yes, making the 3 on 3 game a “training tool” for young players to hone their fundamental skills would differentiate it from the indoor game greatly.

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