New flop rule created by NBA

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New flop rule created by NBA

The NBA issued a new rule change to prevent “flopping” or athletes trying to draw fouls purposely by exaggerating their reaction to an opposing player’s basketball move. Any rules regarding flopping had never been in an NBA rule book. The explanation by the NBA, which was issued by many sports media outlets, is that a player would have flopped if the reaction to a basketball move by an opposing player is inconsistent with the action and resulting physical contact. A common example is when a point guard is driving up the court with a defender following him and the point guard changes his dribble to go cross court. A defender may exaggerate the switch cross court and act as if the point guard pushed him too hard. This would be done to incite the referee to call an offensive foul.

Another is in the low post when an offensive player is trying to get position and in his shifting and pivoting, the defender falls to the floor to act as if the offensive player used illegal tactics. Shaquille O’ Neal was notoriously hounded during his career in the NBA with defenders flopping onto the court to mitigate his brutal low post moves. In his last years with Miami, Phoenix, Cleveland and Boston the “flop” quieted O’ Neal’s point total because baskets were canceled by offensive fouls from flops. The NBA also produced a system of fines for each time an individual player gets called for a flopping foul. This area needs work because the highest penalty for the fifth time a player is called for a flop is only 15,000 dollars.

Any player can take that money out of his duffle bag after the game, so the NBA may have to look at MLB’s evolution of the steroid penalty system which went from a weak one when it first was created (10, 30 and 60 days) to a heavy one (50 game, 100 games and full season suspensions). Something in the neighborhood of $15,000 for the first offense and $100,000 for the fifth with following penalties game suspensions and later playoff game suspensions would get the attention of the NBAPA and the players.

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