All-Star game should have no coaches, no referees

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All-Star game should have no coaches, no referees

The NBA All-Star game is quickly competing with the NFL’s Pro Bowl for the most boring professional sports exhibition game. Although the idea has been vilified, Bud Selig’s decision to make the MLB All-Star game meaningful to the World Series appears to be a great incentive to increase its importance. This blog isn’t intended to promote adding an incentive to the NBA All-Star game, but to change it from a conventional 5 on 5 basketball game to more of an “And1/Harlem Globetrotter show” spectacle. The Lebron vs Kobe All Star game match up gave the game a lot of buzz in the sports media the week after the game but it has long been known the players begin to compete towards the final minutes of the game to see who wins the largest payout.If the NBA changed the All-Star game to more of a wide-open non-conventional game, Lebron vs Kobe could happen the whole game.

There would be no coaches in the All-Star game and the players themselves would dictate the plays. Professional players today understand marketing so well that even in post-game interviews they answer obvious reporter questions with cliche story-lines for any video clips, blogs or articles. An All-Star game with no coaches and lots of isolation one on one match-ups would be perfect to allow them to orchestrate. Multi-talented players like Kobe, Lebron and Kevin Durant would dazzle the crowd with passes, circus shots and on-court challenges without the disguise of a conventional basketball atmosphere. To have this also, there would be no referees at the All-Star game either. Players could be mic’d up and fans could hear the trash talking and conversations on how the players’ would govern themselves. Fans no doubt would be watching at home oooing and ahhing and talking with each other about “how they do that too” when they play a pickup game.

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