Cold weather franchises get a bad rap

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Cold weather franchises get a bad rap

Much has been made about cold weather cities in sports over the last few years. Specifically in outdoor football stadiums as the NFL braces to hold next year’s Super Bowl in New York. But, cold weather does seem to be a factor in whether players wish to be traded to the team as in the case of Josh Smith potentially headed to Milwaukee from Atlanta. The deal hasn’t been completed yet and the Bucks being an average team is probably a bigger factor since every NBA player wants to, has to play for a title contending team. The point is the following–if the team is a cold weather team, the athlete will get a chance to play professional basketball. The professional team in that cold weather market (also perhaps a small market) will have contingencies based on the weather in terms of training, accommodations and travel. Therefore, getting traded to a “cold weather” franchise isn’t the equivalent of exile to Siberia.

Right now in the NBA, Chicago, Indiana, Milwaukee, New York, Denver, Oklahoma City, Utah, Cleveland, Toronto, Boston, Brooklyn and Philadelphia are teams which play in cold weather regions. Indiana, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Toronto and Utah are smaller television markets then the rest of the teams mentioned, with less potential to contend for a title. Each factor though is variable to how miserable a player would be if they were playing for a losing franchise. Brooklyn recently moved after being in New Jersey for 23 years and many, many losing seasons. Utah has been a steady playoff qualifier for many years as well as Denver. Indiana fields a solid, competitive team every year and New York for its advantage of being the No. 1 TV market in the U.S., is a mismanaged franchise with years of bad player management decisions. There is no formula for a player looking for a title contending franchise. It is not that simple.  Players with agents should take time out themselves (not listening to agents or team recruiters) to research the solvency of a franchise and its facilities to see if it fits his training regimen, travel and personal needs.

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