Diva alert: Brandon Jennings

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Diva alert: Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings is the newest diva athlete in the NBA. Jennings is ready to become a restricted free agent after the season and is commenting through the press how he feels he has proven he is an impact player on the Bucks. He is playing “the violin” stating that the Bucks are a small market team and playing in a larger TV market would allow him to get a lucrative contract plus play for a title contender. Jennings has given the typical diva athlete “I just want to win” answer in interviews posted by USA Today and Yahoo Sports. Jennings, then gave the Bucks franchise a backhanded “slap in the face” compliment by stating “I’m not saying the Bucks aren’t about winning. But I think (a title caliber situation) will help me, motivate my game, and then you HAVE to perform.” Milwaukee is one of the smallest TV markets and also has been a .500 team since Jennings has been there so they don’t get Nationally televised games. Jennings’ comments though, are purely selfish and angling to either hold the Bucks for ranson (a la Dwight Howard) or induce a trade by the Bucks for fear they will lose him and get nothing in return.

Jennings left from High school to play professional basketball in Europe so he has tremendous confidence which he parlayed into an NBA starting job. But his whining and angling will end up bringing on him more harm than good if, as most diva athletes do, he gets his way and is traded or given a huge contract by the Bucks. With a greater contract or trade to a new team will bring immense expectations by fans and the media–and most times either becomes like a hungry predator looking for the first mistake interview, tweet, bad day or bad game. An injury by Jennings or bad chemistry with a new teammate will magnify 100 times and the comfortable margin of error by playing in a small TV market will be reduced to little or nothing. Jennings won’t be able to escape anything or anyone and would only have his diva attitude and power play to blame. He is a very good NBA player who will perform for years to come–his plays constantly are on SportsCenter and NBATV highlights so he isn’t that unknown to a national audience. The money and fame will come without the diva-liciousness.

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