Heat balance star power and winning in today’s diva NBA

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Heat balance star power and winning in today’s diva NBA

The Miami Heat are beginning a championship run with a 12 game winning streak (pre and post All-Star break). The Big 3 Superteam has shown, especially with the failings of the L.A. Lakers “superteam” that they have the right balance of talent, coaching and execution. The NBA really has never seen three All-Star players co-exist so well together on one team. The Heat on February 1st had a slim lead at the top of the Eastern Conference over the New York Knicks and now, at the end of February they have a six game lead on Indiana and 6 1/2 over New York which has dropped to the No. 3 seed. March will prove to be a trying month for the Heat who have nine back to back games after the All-Star break and more road games than home, but they appear to be kicking into another gear with this current winning streak to the postseason. The Heat organization has managed to find a balance in today’s NBA between fielding a competitive team and the responsibilities burdened with star players off the court (commercials, media scrutiny, fame and fortune).

Whether they admit it or not, Lebron, Wade and Chris Bosh all have superstar egos and want to have the ball in their hands at all times but through the message sent by the Heat organization and the coaching staff, the players have learned to play together and be effective. The Detroit Pistons of Billups, Hamilton, Wallace and Wallace have had more success (2004 Champs, ’05 Eastern Conference Champs, ’07 Eastern Conference Champs) but the team never had the hype which the Heat’s Big 3 brought when formed in 2010. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili were stars in their home countries but mid-level celebrities compared to Lebron and D-Wade. The two Spurs teamed with Tim Duncan to win the ’03, ’05 and ’07 titles in the quiet TV market of San Antonio. Only the 2008 Celtic Big 3 is a comparable team to Miami and their run ended after last season with one title and one Eastern Conference Championship.

The Heat still have a lot to prove this season–they have lost two in a row to both the Pacers and Knicks by large margins. The Eastern Conference is not a cakewalk for them and their power rotation must gel with new pickups Chris Andersen, Jarvis Varnado and whomever will be signed to the 15th roster spot (via Pittman trade). But they have proven, a Superteam can work and work well in the NBA with ultra talented “No. 1 option” players.

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