Lebron and his opt out in 2014

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Lebron and his opt out in 2014

Sports media gossip is piping with talk of the Heat’s Big 3 being broken up in 2014 if Lebron, Wade or Bosh opt out of their contracts. Also on the gossip grapevine is that if Lebron opts out, he will return to the Cavaliers. If Lebron does opt out and return to Cleveland, it will destroy any goodwill he has garnered during his time with Miami. He would return to the youthful diva athlete he was while in Cleveland and his legacy would be ruined.

The reasons are clear:

1. Lebron has won his Championship with Miami–he could spend the rest of his career contending for the Eastern Conference Championship and the NBA Championship (not just moving past the second round). The Heat are one of the best franchises in the league with a great front office, great owner and coaching staff. Lebron is beloved in Miami and he has two of the best players in the league on his team. He has never had it this good.

2. Lebron is getting older–If Lebron opts out in ’14, he would be starting his twelfth year in the NBA. He would go to a Cavs franchise that has always been eternally average. Kyrie Irving is a promising point guard but would be only in his fourth year when Lebron would arrive. The Cavs again would have to build a team around him as they did before. The fanfare of his return and the honeymoon with the press would last a short while before the losing began. Another move would take too much out of his basketball skills and he wouldn’t be able to produce.

3. Lebron’s lasting legacy–it seems that the current era of NBA athletes cares about their legacy and preserving it, polishing it and riding off into the sunset. If he were to return to Cleveland, he would ruin his legacy because the move would have been for all the wrong reasons. Especially, none that would be basketball related. After the disastrous ESPN special “The Decision”, Lebron suffered and even admitted his diva attitude made his life tougher. He has worked so hard to establish a legacy and seems to finally “get it”. In Miami, he could cement his legacy with a great team and franchise, adoring fans and perennial contending teams. He could have whatever he wants by re-signing and retiring in Miami.

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