Noche Latina is Noche Spanglish

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Noche Latina is Noche Spanglish

The NBA’s Noche Latina promotion has problems. Designed to show appreciation to the Hispanic markets in various NBA cities, each team jersey is translated in spanish. The following teams have “Noche Latina” jerseys: Miami, San Antonio, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Orlando, Chicago, New York, Dallas. But, the Spanish translations on the jerseys do not follow any direct translation or figurative translation as changing from Spanish to English dictates. For example, the English phrase “I love you” has several different ways of translation into Spanish depending on who the speaker is referring. Following the direct translation of “I love you” to “te amo”, the speaker would be referring to their lover or partner. There is also “te quiero” which has the same emotional meaning of “I love you” but refers to a family member or a friend. An ESPN column by Paul Lukas highlights a debate on the Noche Latina jerseys by fans who don’t think the jerseys are representative of Hispanic culture.

For example, “El Magic” doesn’t refer to a translation of any spanish phrase for a magician. The proper term would be Los Magos. The column refers to the Brewers and Giants who have Hispanic appreciation games where they wear jerseys with properly translated team names (Giants=Gigantes, Brewers=Cerveceros). In this case, the Heat would translate to “El Calor” and the Bulls would be “Los Toros” or simply “Toros”. The Spurs would be “Las Espuelas”–the translation for spur in spanish but naturally, that wouldn’t sell much so a figurative translation to “Los Vaqueros”. The Mavericks would be “los disidentes” or “the disidents” which signifies rebellious people. All in All, it is the Spanish-language announcers for the teams which use these “Noche Latina” translations to not divert away too much from the actual team while broadcasting the games. The promotion is a success and a majority of fans like the jersey changes.

They are really a  1/2 English/Spanish team translation and the NBA would be better off to do more homework to translate the jerseys properly. In the Hispanic community, many US born Hispanics call this “Spanglish”. Usually, Spanglish is used either to refer to a person who begins speaking English and mixes in Spanish words or vice-a-versa. It is funny but denotes laziness. If it is appreciation for the Hispanic communities and only for 15 or so games, then a complete effort would be better appreciated.

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