The Good Old 10-day contract

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The Good Old 10-day contract

NBA veterans historically have stuck on as an 11th or 12th man on an NBA roster as their careers wind down and find their ability to produce and be a valuable member of a team dwindle down.

With this in mind we have seen a trend emphatically grow over the past few seasons with teams looking to the a long list of available and willing and able veterans looking for another shot to showcase their skills in the big show.  This season we have seen the Heat take a flyer out on Chris ‘Birdman’ Anderson, the Thunder gamble on the veteran legs of Point Guard Derek Fisher and the Knicks bring in Kenyon Martin for his energy, defense and rebounding ability.

So far all three of these seasoned vets has turned out to be a worth while gamble.  Anderson signed a second 10-day contract and has now been signed for the remainder of the season, Fisher doesn’t appear to be going anywhere and after last nights effort and play by Martin he too is likely to stick around until the end of the season.

The question that needs to be asked now is whether teams are better off signing on a “proven” veteran or try and find the leagues next big thing.  There have been some success stories of players signing on with some 10-day contracts and sticking around as a permanent staple on a teams roster.  Alan Anderson of the Raptors and Gerald Green both prove that by bringing in a D-League producing player their skills can lead to a steady producer not just for 10 days or the ‘remainder of the season’, but rather for years to come.

As the Playoffs approach and the time to set the seasons final roster comes upon us teams will need to do more than just plan for the present as they look to find the next big thing…But with that in mind, maybe it just makes sense to bring in a Vet who knows what it takes and will be the difference maker in a 7 game Playoff series.

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