The Return: is Back!

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The Return: is Back!

After a long hiatus from writing, I am proud to finally get back to doing what I truly love.

Talking ball and expressing my feelings on anything and everything that is the NBA is what I am passionate about and what i enjoyed writing about.  Unfortunately, around 8 months ago, the pain from an extremely herniated disc in my lower back became far too painful to do anything except for wince in pain.  I was unable to live what most would define as a normal life and was relegated to the sidelines if you will.  Putting on socks and walking became a chore, so I hope it is understandable that I lost the drive to write and put effort into this blog.

Fortunately for me and through the love from many of my amazing family and friends, I can proudly say that I am on the road to recovery.  3.5 months after enduring a spinal disc laminectomy at my L5-S1 level on my spine I am back at the gym and preparing myself for the inevitable…a return to the court.

It’s been nearly 2.5 years since I last laced up my AI’s, posted up someone or even shot a ball on a court for that matter.  Now don’t get me wrong,  I am most definitely not Dwight Howard and there is no way that I could ever have expected to make a return to the hardwood 5 months after this type of surgery like he did.  After all, I am not a professional athlete with round the clock trainers and physicians watching my every move.   What I have learned from watching Dwight’s return to the court however, was that he just wasn’t ready when he came back.  His lacklustre play and lack pf physical dominance has shown me that before I even think about returning to the court, one must get himself ready…both physically and emotionally.

With that in mind, I have decided to start to express myself again and re-launch  It was something that I was passionate about before, and hope to continue being passionate about for a long time coming.

Thank you again for the support and LET’s DO THIS!


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